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Decades of consistent performance in animal health, productivity, and food chain safety.

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Based on Elanco’s decades of innovation, and quality manufacturing, beef cattle producers have come to trust Elanco’s solutions for improved animal health, performance and profitability, while meeting consumers’ need for safe, high quality, affordable beef. As a beef-industry leader, we partner, and collaborate with the entire beef supply chain, and passionately support consumer choice around the world.

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At Elanco, our goal is to be a strong, collaborative, and supportive link in the dairy food chain—a food chain that progresses from producer, to processor, to retailer and to consumer.

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In poultry production, Elanco delivers value throughout the food chain by helping ensure intestinal integrity in broiler production. Several Elanco products and services target the optimal functioning of the digestive system, which in turn results in efficient and uniform growth.

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Elanco offers a portfolio of products for disease control, and treatment in swine. These products include feed antibiotics, water soluble antibiotics, and vaccine control options. Elanco also offers products for feed optimization, making the most of your biggest cost input. For more information on individual products, select the product links below.

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Companion Animal

For veterinarians and pet owners, Elanco is a companion animal pharmaceutical company that enables veterinarians to help pets live longer, healthier, higher-quality lives by delivering innovative products.

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Elanco products and services enrich lives in fundamental ways.

  • Antibacterials, anticoccidials, and other medications help to ensure animal health, and consistent performance for a safe, abundant supply of food.
  • Productivity enhancers make food efficient, affordable, and sustainable by increasing the amount of meat, milk or eggs from each animal.

Elanco products have earned the trust of ranchers, farmers, veterinarians, food producers, processors, and consumers through decades of consistent performance. These products and services uphold Elanco’s mission of making life sciences work better for people by transforming protein production, and companion animal care.