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Prevention you can count on. Dependable safety you can rely on.

Efficacy: Proven immunity from trusted science

  • Proven protection against BVDV type 1, and type 21
  • Strong IBR immunity at a 110-day challenge, and no significant increase in body temperature.2
  • Rapid and enduring cell-mediated immunity in addition to humoral immunity3
  • Protection against important Leptospira, including serovar hardjo-bovis

Safety: Dependable prevention without compromising performance

  • While no field data exists using Titanium® 5L5, data using Titanium® 5 shows no significant impact on milk production in lactating Holsteins5
  • No indication of viral shedding that could cause disease transmission5

Quality: Consistent standards deliver value for the entire herd

  • More than 130 million doses sold over the last 10 years6
  • Elanco quality standards will continue to ensure the same high quality, and dependability you've come to expect from Titanium®

Powerful Combinations: Various ways to defend against threats

  • Available in 5 MLV formulations to provide proven protection against key respiratory, and reporoductive pathogens without post-vaccinal stress.
  • Approved for use in pregnant cows provided they were vaccinated according to label directions 30-60 days prior to breeding.

Important Safety Information

The label contains complete use information, including cautions and warnings. Always read, understand, and follow the label and use directions.

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