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Vira Shield®

Vira Shield® delivers broad-spectrum, field-proven protection against common important infectious diseases. Vira Shield® is safe to use on all cattle.

With Vira Shield®, you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your pregnant cows, and heifers are receiving safe, effective disease protection.

  • Safe for use on all cattle, even pregnant cows and calves nursing pregnant cows
  • 12-month duration of immunity (DOI) label claim for Lepto hardjo-bovis, the most common cause of leptospirosis in the US
  • Up to 12 disease-fighting antigens in one ready-to-use bottle
  • The only inactivated vaccine to feature 3-way BVD coverage including cytopathic (CP) Type 1 and noncytopathic (NCP) Type 1 and Type 2
  • Demonstrated to deliver enhanced IBR fetal protection eight months post-vaccination
  • Provides both humoral and cell-mediated immunity
  • Powerful, long-lasting control with state-of-the-art adjuvant, Xtend® SP
  • Available in convenient combinations to fit every animal every time without reconstituting or mixing needed

Important Safety Information

The label contains complete use information, including cautions and warnings. Always read, understand, and follow the label and use directions.