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Full Value Poultry™

Helping you find every little bit of value in your operation
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A safe and easy-to-use, second-generation insecticide with a unique mode of action. Agita® 10 WG offers effective control of flies and litter beetles, and Agita® Fly Bait offers effective control of flies.
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Coban® (Monensin, USP)

Prevents coccidiosis, protecting intestinal integrity in broilers ,and turkeys
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A potentiated ionophore that prevents coccidiosis and protects intestinal integrity
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An ionophore that prevents coccidiosis and protects intestinal integrity. Monteban® can help reduce the risk of enteritis to help keep birds eating all the way to market—this is particularly important during the finisher/withdrawal feeding phase.
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A unique and patented enzyme that minimizes metabolizable energy loss caused by the Feed-Induced Immune Response from beta-mannans contained in poultry feed.
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An animal-use only, in-feed antibiotic for the prevention of necrotic enteritis associated with Clostridium perfringens in broiler chickens.
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A medicated feed additive that prevents coccidiosis with an exceptionally low dose, and helps protect intestinal integrity in broilers and turkeys
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Elanco offers a wide range of live and inactivated poultry biological capabilities. We produce vaccines designed to protect against infectious bronchitis, Newcastle disease, Fowl Cholera, and food-borne pathogens.

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Full Value Poultry™

Helping you find every little bit of value in your operation

When it comes to your success, every little bit matters. That's the compelling principle behind Full Value Poultry™ from Elanco. Full Value Poultry isn't a single product or specific service. Rather, it's an entire support system of products, services, and consultation based on core business principles that center on:


Full Value Poultry™ is a different approach - a customer-focused approach. It uncovers hidden-opportunities to help improve both efficiency, and profitability. Full Value Poultry™ was conceived, and developed specifically for companies with a collaboration mind set, a focus on profitability, a commitment to industry leadership, and a desire to meet consumer demands in changing times. Elanco supports this focused approach with meaningful analytics, training programs and expert personnel. All of which are designed to create more value, improve efficiency, and lead to quantifiable results so you can measure your success - every litte bit of it.

Important Safety Information

The label contains complete use information, including cautions and warning. Always read, understand and follow the label and use directions.