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A safe and easy-to-use, second-generation insecticide with a unique mode of action. Agita® 10 WG offers effective control of flies and litter beetles, and Agita® Fly Bait offers effective control of flies.

You’ll never feel outnumbered again! Effective control of flies and litter beetles.

Agita® is a first choice for house fly and darkling beetle control. Reducing pests reduces the impact on animal well-being and performance potential.1 Agita® is an insecticide for use in poultry barns with a unique active ingredient that delivers a quick kill and long-lasting residual.

Agita delivers:

  • A lethal combination of thiamethoxam and tricosene
  • A combination of contact and stomach modes of action
  • Dual attractants for male and female house flies
  • A new option in poultry for rotation with other insecticide classes

AgitaFlyBait Agita® Fly Bait to control house flies

Agita10wg Agita® 10 WG (water soluble formulation) to control house flies and litter beetles

Important Safety Information

The label contains complete use information, including cautions and warning. Always read, understand and follow the label and use directions.

1Grogan K. “Beetles and houseflies play role in disease transmission.” Poultry Times. August 25, 2008.